Starting the New Year at the Inn

The new year was welcomed by 40 singing souls who sang old favorites from a hymnal. Plates of goodies filled the table and were eagerly devoured by the hearty group. A Moody Science film also showed incredible marvels drawn from our Creator’s masterpiece that covers our planet. A challenge was given by David Stevenson, pastor of Grace Baptist Church in Port Angeles. Some heads were nodding off at the late hour, but what a great start to the new year!

Later on (after a few hours of sleep) that following afternoon, over 50 volunteers from the local Chamber of Commerce visitors centers came for homemade potato soup and bread sticks as part of a progressive dinner put on by several bed and breakfast inns in the area. The innkeeper (my wife, Janet) served these wonderful volunteers while the proprietor (yours truly) gave them tours of the inn.

So you can see that there is never a dull moment around the inn. Work is the password that brings it all about. But then work is fun when you see the appreciation on the faces and lips of those who visit. Last night a mother and daughter from Edmonds, WA stayed over to take in a “twilight tour” with dinner at Bella Italia and then off to the town of Forks today.


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