Weddings and Family Times

Special Wedding Moments
Special Wedding Moments

Weddings are wonderful times at the inn. We’ve noticed a good number of prospective brides are now inquiring about using the inn as their wedding place. Some busy cupid must have stirred up their interest over the holidays. Of course we want to accommodate them as best as we can, even though we strive to maintain a quiet and restful getaway for our guests. For that reason the inn only schedules the wedding service. Better reception facilities are found in town.

On that vein, last Friday evening I attended a family wedding down in SC where our son is enrolled in the USC School of Medicine. Married with 2 small children, he enlisted in the US Army to obtain his medical education and eventual service as an army doctor. Needless to say, he keeps a busy life with his responsibilities. Unfortunately, the innkeeper (my wife) was unable to come down for the wedding and had to stay put at the inn.

Our little granddaughter, pictured above, carried a small bouquet and walked down the aisle with her dad. Our son and daughter-in-law sang a couple of numbers during the ceremony as well. The reception was an active highlight for grandpa who thoroughly enjoyed his role as babysitter to one of the sweetest granddaughters that God created here on earth.

The following day, after the busy wedding activities had passed, my son and I enjoyed some relaxing father/son bonding over a cup of coffee at Starbucks. Meanwhile my spry 92 year old father called my cell phone and he was able to catch up with his namesake grandson.

Weddings are wonderful times and at such events you realize how much family means to you. Make the most of your wedding day and expect the best dreams to come true at George Washington Inn.


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