Stop Winter…Take Your Spouse For A Romantic Getaway!

Tired of winter yet? Have you ever heard of our “demographic winter”?

Catastrophic birth rates…falling 50% in the past 50 years. With fewer children our nation won’t have enough people to flip burgers or pay the taxes. This is the bleak demographic winter that our country faces in the years ahead.

The best way to improve our demographics is to strengthen the family. Let’s encourage bigger families, contented children and happy homes. With people losing their jobs in this economic downturn, maybe some of our homes will offer more incentive for stay-at-home moms to home-school their children and reduce the burden on taxpayers for the burgeoning cost of education. We home-schooled our children for many years. Today, one son is in medical school becoming a doctor and another son is a combination pilot/wildlife officer with the Alaska State Wildlife Troopers. Our two daughters are enjoying noble callings, raising their children as stay-at-home moms.  By the way, have you also noticed bigger families have more fun?

Make time for a romantic getaway with your spouse. No need to fly halfway around the world to Hawaii. Many people have discovered that George Washington Inn is an ideal destination for an intimate and romantic weekend. That must be why we’re booked up for Valentine’s Day!


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