A Month Has Passed…Will Our New President Measure Up?

Our country faces a bleak future with its fortunes cut in half and unemployment rising dramatically. Will President Barack Obama remain faithful to his oath and seek divine help? Certainly there is a need for great leadership in the halls of government. Here’s an excerpt from his inaugural speech that parallels George Washington crossing the Delaware River.

Crossing the Delaware River
Crossing the Delaware River

“So let us mark this day with remembrance, of who we are and how far we have traveled. In the year of America’s birth, in the coldest of months, a small band of patriots huddled by dying campfires on the shores of an icy river. The capital was abandoned. The enemy was advancing. The snow was stained with blood. At a moment when the outcome of our revolution was most in doubt, the father of our nation ordered these words be read to the people: “Let it be told to the future world … that in the depth of winter, when nothing but hope and virtue could survive…that the city and the country, alarmed at one common danger, came forth to meet (it).”

America, in the face of our common dangers, in this winter of our hardship, let us remember these timeless words. With hope and virtue, let us brave once more the icy currents, and endure what storms may come.”

A historian, Paula Felder, wrote this of our first president: “Washington’s innate talents seemed to grow with his growing responsibilities on the national scene. He made very few missteps in judgment or execution–in the unprecedented roles of military commander in the War for Independence and first executive of the new nation. Without question, he functioned with his own inner radar, but the scope of his leadership and wisdom in governing was beyond impressive.”

How will President Barack Obama measure up? History will be written in the days ahead and will judge him accordingly.


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