Washington Lavender Brings A Sweet Summer Day

Imagine after enjoying a most restful sleep, you awaken to an early morning sun sweeping over the snowy crags of Mount Baker looming large in the eastern sky. As you step out onto the inn’s portico, a sweet and delicate odor embraces your senses. Morning has risen from the night’s shadows delivering a new day to your delight.

Sculpted fields of lavender are painted against majestic purple mountains. A wisp of mist rises from the forested hills stretched in between. You embrace the new day with eager discovery. Is there any earthly place that brings one closer to Heaven?

Washington Lavender and George Washington Inn

Washington Lavender and George Washington Inn

George Washington Inn & Estate delights in enhancing your senses with the beauty of God’s creation. Surrounded by fields of lavender and the Olympic Mountains, this replica of Mount Vernon sits majestically along the Strait of Juan de Fuca between Port Angeles and Sequim, Washington. Located in the rain shadow of the Olympic Mountains, the rich soil and ideal microclimate of this Olympic Peninsula locale makes a perfect environment for lavender farming. Here you can indulge your senses in savory fields of lavender, surrounded by a panorama of unparalled views.

As a part of George Washington Inn & Estate, Washington Lavender seeks to produce the finest essential oil and Martha Washington Lavender products that have made this “Lavender Capital of North America” famous. Agriculture was a passion of George Washington at Mount Vernon, and we seek to emulate his quest for the best stewardship of this rich farmland.

Washington Lavender Ready For Harvest

Lavender Ready For Harvest

Both online and on-site stores are under development. Local interest in both the farm and inn brings by many visitors. We are always searching for creative ways to share the beauty and bounty in this corner of God’s magnificent creation.

For more information on Washington Lavender, please visit our website: Martha Washington Lavender.

Lavender Farm Store Under Construction

Life of George Washington, the Farmer

“…As a boy he (George Washington) had copied into a wonderful copy-book that is still preserved in the Library of Congress some verses that set forth pretty accurately his ideal of life–an ideal influenced, may we not believe, in those impressionable years by these very lines. These are the verses–one can not call them poetry–just as I copied them after the clear boyish hand from the time-yellowed page:


These are the things, which once possess’d
Will make a life that’s truly bless’d
A good Estate on healthy Soil,
Not Got by Vice nor yet by toil;
Round a warm Fire, a pleasant Joke,
With Chimney ever free from Smoke:
A strength entire, a Sparkling Bowl,
A quiet Wife, a quiet Soul,
A Mind, as well as body, whole
Prudent Simplicity, constant Friend,
A Diet which no art Commends;
A Merry Night without much Drinking
A happy Thought without much Thinking;
Each Night by Quiet Sleep made Short
A Will to be but what thou art:
Possess’d of these, all else defy
And neither wish nor fear to Die
These are things, which once Possess’d
Will make a life that’s truly bless’d.”

Excerpt from the eBook: George Washington: Farmer by Paul Leland Haworth

Life of George Washington the Farmer

Life of George Washington the Farmer


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