Machine Gun Nest Discovered Near Inn

Immediately after the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941, troops were detailed to patrol the Strait of Juan de Fuca beaches and install machine gun nests. One such nest was discovered approximately 100 feet from where the inn now stands. While clearing out dense underbrush, I discovered this 4 foot deep trench along the bluff overlooking the Strait.

It has since been verified that this WWII-era trench had been dug by US troops during the days that followed the Pearl Harbor attack. A machine gunner had been stationed in the trench for approximately 6 months to guard against any hostile ships sailing down the Strait. Ferns and moss-covered willows had hidden the trench for over a half century until its recent discovery. John Jarvis, a life-long resident and neighbor who is now in his seventies, had farmed the property over the decades. He recalled playing in the trench and surrounding woods as a child. His father’s farm, located across the road, had been occupied by the army at that time.

Today we are seeking to preserve the historical integrity of this WWII-era trench. Here are some pictures of this recently discovered machine gun nest. Click on the thumbnails to view.


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