Pohick Church Today

George Washington surveyed the land where Pohick Church was built and was instrumental in the site selection and its subsequent construction. According to the Historical Background of Fairfax County’s Pohick Church Overlay District Design Guidelines, “The builder of Pohick Church, Daniel French, began construction of the church in 1769 and may have based his work on a design by architect James Wren. The brick church was typical of the colonial Anglican churches of the time–rectangular, plain and finely crafted. George Washington and George Mason, both church vestrymen, played prominent roles in the location and building of Pohick Church.”

George Washington made a practice of attending regular services at Pohick whenever he was at Mount Vernon. In fact, a close friend of the Washingtons and a rector at Pohick Church once wrote: “I never knew so constant an attendant at Church as [Washington]. And his behavior in the house of God was ever so deeply reverential that it produced the happiest effect on my congregation, and greatly assisted me in my pulpit labors. No company ever withheld him from Church. I have been at Mount Vernon on Sabbath morning when his breakfast table was filled with guests; but to him they furnished no pretext for neglecting his God and losing the satisfaction of setting a good example. For instead of staying at home, out of false complaisance to them, he used constantly to invite them to accompany him.”

Here are some pictures of his church today. A picture is worth a thousand words, so why write more? You can see the box pew where George Washington and his family sat and worshipped. Click on the thumbnails to view.

More information on the history of Pohick Church.


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