Our Early Days On Finn Hall Road

Seven years ago this coming August my son, Tim, and I flew our Cessna 172 from South Carolina to Washington State and landed it in the hayfield where George Washington Inn now sits. We had just purchased the five acre hay field that summer and our son was anxious to build up his air time. Taking note of the lot’s shape, Tim had remarked, “Dad, it looks like an airstrip…let’s fly the plane out there.”

In the process of obtaining a loan to buy the property, a well had been drilled and a pump had been installed. The pump was exposed to the elements and needed to be protected. A pump house was envisioned; so we decided to take a week, fly the plane out there and build the pump house.

As we prepared the airplane for the trip, we took out the back seat so a generator could be transported to the property. It would be used to build the pump house and then to pump the water out of the well. The trip was uneventful except for some bad weather in the Cascades. We ended up tunnelling through Stampede Pass in the rain, but the skies opened up as we approached Seattle and we were able to put the plane down in our hay field.

That first night, Tim and I slept in our sleeping bags on the bluff that overlooked the strait. The next day the lumber for the pump house was delivered, and our wonderful neighbors brought over their tools and helped us construct our first building.

Here are some pictures of that event. Click on the thumbnails to view.


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