So, How Was Your First Quarter?

In these uncertain times when people are losing their jobs and many businesses are having to close their doors, a prudent business owner must ensure that the outflows don’t exceed the inflows. It’s actually a matter of simple arithmetic. If only the government lived by the same rules; but then who are we to know the all-wise and mysterious ways of power and greed. I think a fox is watching the hen house. Sorry, I’m starting to ramble now.

Our banker and accountant both ask us, “So, how was your first quarter?” Actually, we finished up with an amazing first quarter. It was a great beginning to our second year in business. The numbers for this quarter show a significant increase over last year during the same period. And it is fun to pour it all back into the business and make it even better.

There are many things that we would like to accomplish here. We are thankful for the wonderful people who have made it all possible. We delight in serving our guests and in accomplishing our mission here in this corner of God’s marvelous creation.


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