Urgent Prayer Request For Brad Slocum

Cheryl Slocum, Brad’s wife, just called me to get an update out to all of you who are praying for Brad. This morning he has been taken to ICU there at MUSC (Medical University of South Carolina) where he had been recuperating from his cancer surgery.

Brad was put on sedatives after Wednesday’s (April 1) surgery due to the trauma.  On Friday they took him off sedation, however he remained lethargic and was coughing a lot. There was also fear that he might end up with pneumonia. He had a real rough night Friday night.

Yesterday they took him off the meds, but he was “just out of it” and he “looked pretty bad”. This morning the doctors advised Cheryl that the medication was not the issue and that they needed to look further; so it was recommended that he be taken to ICU. There he will be put to sleep and on a breathing machine while other tests are run.

On a personal note, Cheryl mentioned that she was saying one last “I love you” as Brad was being wheeled off to ICU and he gave her an encouraging “thumbs up”. Pray for Brad and Cheryl during this difficult time and that the doctors will have wisdom from the Great Physician.

For complete updates go to Pray For Brad Slocum.


8 thoughts on “Urgent Prayer Request For Brad Slocum

  1. We hold Brad and Cheryl and their family up before God’s throne everyday whenever they come to our mind. We are praying for a miracle for Brad and that God will continue to use him in His service.

  2. We are praying for both Brad and Cheryl. You guys are in our prayers daily. We love you.

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