Inn Day Trips – Olympic Discovery Trail

Within view of George Washington Inn a rails-to-trails bike trail, called the Olympic Discovery Trail, follows portions of the old Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific Railroad bed.

Olympic Discovery Trail

Railroad Bridge on the Olympic Discovery Trail

The completed trail stetches 30 miles from Sequim to Port Angeles and points beyond. Another 30 miles are funded and under construction, mostly west of Lake Crescent. It will ultimately stretch 100 miles from Port Townsend, at the East end, to the Pacific Coast at the West end.

Ready to Ride the Olympic Discovery Trail

Guests Ready to Ride the Olympic Discovery Trail

Leaving from the inn, the bike trail heading east towards Sequim is flat and meanders through farmland and between small acreages and yards. The trail heading west to Port Angeles is rolling and more strenuous, but provides outstanding scenery along the ocean. The majestic Olympic Mountains are visible from both directions.

Oceanfront Cycling

Oceanfront Cycling

 More info on the Olympic Discovery Trail.

Current map of the Olympic Discovery Trail.


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