Interesting Time-Lapse Photos

George Washington Inn’s webcam has been added to an interesting Swiss website that will take time-lapse photos and allow them to be viewed in a slide show. Most of the site is in German but there’s enough English on it for you to navigate and figure it out.

Click on photo to view webcam in time lapse mode

Click on photo to view webcam in time-lapse mode

Operational around the clock, you can view the night sky and watch the stars slide by as the rotating earth turns on its axis. Certain times of the year the big dipper is visible with the webcam. The lights of Victoria and Vancouver provide backlighting for the inn as well. Daytime viewing can add a beautiful sunrise or a ship sailing by on its way out to the Pacific Ocean. Look across the Strait of Juan de Fuca and you might even be able to see the San Juan Islands on the distant horizon.

It’s almost like being there. Wait a minute, you missed the snow-capped Olympic Mountains and much more. You will have to come and see this part of “heaven-on-earth” for yourself!


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