A Travelogue of the Olympic National Park

“Neither Europe or Asia or South America has a prospect in which sea and woods and snow mountains are so united in a landscape.” . . . quote from the Kroll Map Company of this “Evergreen Playground”  (ca.1940s)

Discover an exciting wilderness with almost a million acres of mountains, forest and sea. The gateway to the Olympic National Park is just minutes from George Washington Inn.

In these travelogues the Natural Wonders of America explores a land of extremes, unique diversity and uncompromising beauty. From the glacial mountains, to the ancient rain-forests, to the rugged sea coast; three distinct regions, one land of enchantment – the Olympic National Park.

(*Viewing Hint: You will have to “double-click” on each of the video clips to view in a new screen as embedding has been disabled.)

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