A Finer Place To Eat

Cedar Creek Cuisine in Sequim

Cedar Creek Cuisine in Sequim

Sequim is becoming a quaint place to visit and a great place to live. Known for its famous “blue hole” because of the Olympic Rain Shadow, retirees have been moving to Sequim to get in on its great weather and the surrounding area’s natural beauty. With time on their hands, retirees often look for great places to eat and exciting venues to sit and converse with their friends over a cup of coffee.

Running a Bed and Breakfast inn near Sequim necessitates finding fine dining for our guests. Feedback from our clients gives us good reason to recommend one place over another and send our guests back time and again. Cedar Creek Cuisine and its sister, Bell Street Bakery, make for great experiences. A romantic evening can be enjoyed in the old doctor’s home that Cedar Creek’s owners converted into a first class dining facility. Bell Street Bakery has large windows where the entire baking process can be observed with an old fashioned porch to sit outside in the summer breeze. You don’t want to miss these exciting destinations on your visit to Sequim. Tell Emily that George Washington Inn sent you!


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