Expulsion From The Army

Discipline is essential to the effective administration of today’s army just as it was in the days of George Washington. In fact, our founding father’s leadership and the discipline of the army during the extreme hardships that they faced, established the critical elements of our nation in its infancy.

Having just returned from my son’s graduation from officers’ training, I saw first hand the impact of the army’s discipline today. Their patriotism, as it was enthusiastically displayed, and the challenge of their leaders give us a lot to be proud of as Americans.

Unfortunately a colleague in their class was caught shoplifting in the final weeks of their training. These bright young soldiers are in medical school and are on army scholarships. They receive benefits that pay their tuition and expenses. This incident caused their colleague to be expelled from the army and requires the repayment of all sign-on bonuses and expenses that had been received during the course of the past year while in medical school. No doubt the episode provided a valuable lesson to all of these young soldiers that will have an impact on them for the rest of their lives.

Bad behavior and acts of crime have their consequences and our army holds to its mission by the discipline of its rank and file soldiers and their leaders. Truly it made me proud to see my son as an officer in our country’s elite and effective army.


Graduation Day - "A wise son makes a glad father." Proverbs 15:20


One thought on “Expulsion From The Army

  1. Dan – Congrats to Jon on his success in Armed Forces. Hope he is posted to “friendly” environment. Keep him safe.

    The mention of the chap who dishonoured his opportunity for a wonderful life by a foolish act brings back the old idea of “purchasing from the Force” that the RCMP had before we joined the outfit. You have to ask in the back of your mind – why? – was it really worth it.

    Thoughts go out that you must have to sit rap with the expanse of your family.


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