WashingtonInn’s Twitter Trail – August 5, 2009

Guest comment of the day: God is so good to have provided such a pleasant place to stay on our 50th anniversary.

Explore Mount Vernon this summer and discover George Washington:  http://bit.ly/gVEHZ

“…the pure and benign light of (the Bible has had an) ameliorating influence on mankind and increased (our) blessings…” -George Washington

“…the Christian religion…(is) the best security for the duration of free gov’ts.” Charles Carroll, last surviving signer of Declaration of Independence

“By me princes rule…even all the judges of the earth. I love them that love me; and those that seek me early shall find me.” Proverbs 8:16,17

The english lavender crop hangs in the inn’s drying rm. Essential oil from the french lavender will be extracted by distillation next wk.

The wooden rail fence along the bluff is covered with wildflowers and frames a beautiful view of the strait looking across to Victoria, BC.

Last evening a guest who has traveled all over the world stated that she has never stayed in a more beautiful inn, not even in Switzerland.

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