George Washington Slept Here

An exciting new getaway destination near Seattle.

Not really , but did you ever wonder what it would be like to stay in George Washington’s own home?

Recently the proprietors met with 3 local business people from Sequim who would love to see a historical drama staged throughout the inn with vignettes of George Washington and other founding fathers discussing America’s founding principles. The unique setting of the inn is a natural draw and our country has grown thirsty for a return to its roots and core beliefs. It’s exciting to see other people catch the vision of George Washington Inn and want to run with it.

Experience a real sense of history with all the comfort of modern day amenities by staying at George Washington Inn. Washington State’s oceanfront replica of Mount Vernon is built in a rural setting near the Olympic National Park. This charming B&B inn is fast becoming a destination of its own and offers endless day trips on the Olympic Peninsula, Vancouver Island and the San Juan Islands. For more information on this exciting new destination, go to George Washington Inn.

George Washington Inn at dusk in the early spring


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