Coffee Makes A Difference

Coffee has been called the “elixir of productivity” among other things. There’s something exciting about catching a wisp of freshly brewed coffee. Actually, I used to hate the taste of it, but while constantly rotating between 12 hour night and day shifts with the RCMP in greater Vancouver, I had to find something to help keep me awake. We used to frequent Tim Horton’s in the waning hours of our night shifts. Since those days, I have acquired a taste for good coffee and it has helped fuel my passion here at George Washington Inn.

Back in 2007 my wife mentioned that people at her office were starting to wear something red on Fridays to show their support as red-blooded Americans for our troops on the other side of the world. The question came into my mind…what can I do to show my support for the troops? Having started a small coffee company, George Washington Coffee, with links back to an old coffee company that had been established in the early 1900’s and had its entire coffee production requisitioned by the US Army in WWI, I thought, “What better way to help encourage our troops than by sending fine gourmet coffee to boost their morale and keep them alert.” We want to see each one of them come back alive.

Since then we have shipped numerous packages of coffee to our troops overseas. Here are a few of their comments that have been received over the years:

“I’m a medic currently stationed in Tallil Iraq. I am deployed with the 250th Forward Surgical Team (Airborne). I work at the base hospital in the emergency room. Another soldier told me about your coffee for the soldiers program and I’m just writing to say thank you for the support. You have no clue how much it means to U.S. soldiers when people back home send appreciation. It really helps us through times of doubt and struggles. Too many people today focus on the politicians’ decisions and blame us for them. Many many soldiers are making incredible sacrifices in order to insure our country’s safety, I see them come through the E.R. on a almost daily basis. I was wondering if I could sign my hospital up for your program where I would be able to distribute your product to the ones who need it most, the wounded war fighter. Regardless of your response thank you very for what you are doing for us, you are a true patriot!”

“I’m a team leader with the Infantry. The guys here have already drank most of it, and everyone seems to really like it. It must be good for them to be drinking it in this heat (it’s hotter over here now than it was when I left). Thanks again!”

“I got back from mission today and the coffee shipment was waiting for me. Thank you very much. Needless to say but it will be very much enjoyed. Thank you for your patriotism!”

“My name is M.R., and I am currently deployed to Baghdad, Iraq. I am a huge coffee fan and so are about 9 other co-workers of mine. We all work here in a CSH (Combat Support Hospital), as part of the surgical team. We live and breath coffee due to the late hours, and random calls we get in the middle of the night when things go wrong. We take care of American troops so they can live to see another day. We are looking for a program that sends coffee to troops in combat zones. We are here for 15 months and already things are very hard to come by.”


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