AETV Brings Bob Saget To The Inn

Beautiful blue ocean waters and snow-capped mountain views welcomed the A&E TV Network film crew on April 11, 2010 as they drove down the long lavender-lined driveway to the plantation mansion appropriately called Mount Vernon “West” or more exactly George Washington Inn, a Bed and Breakfast Inn between Sequim and Port Angeles and home of Washington Lavender. A large motor home and several production vehicles brought Bob Saget, former host of “America’s Funniest Home Videos” to conduct an interview for the upcoming series on unusual americana which has a working title of “Bob Saget’s Strange Days.”

The resident bald eagle caught everybody’s eye and momentarily distracted the cameras of the film crew to its favorite perch, a pine tree on the crown of the bluff overlooking the Strait of Juan de Fuca. Bob Saget tried to approach the eagle for a better shot, but on cue it spread its massive wings and flew away.

The innkeeper welcomed the film crew inside and found them to be most appreciative. They rearranged the great room to make the setting best for the cameraman’s wide-angle shots of Bob Saget’s interview. The series is expected to air in late summer.

Here’s the most recent announcement from AETV: “Travel across the country through the eyes of Bob Saget. Don’t miss the series premiere of STRANGE DAYS WITH BOB SAGET – Tues, Nov 30 at 10/9c on AETV.” (

Enjoy a few photos that were taken of their eventful afternoon at George Washington Inn.

This event is also covered in the Peninsula Daily News.

A word of thanks is extended to Jake Mooney, owner of Mooney Multimedia and Nathan Firer, Associate Producer of A&E / State Penn Productions who arranged this event.

THE REVIEW: Sorry folks! There was not even one second of footage from the interview at the Inn, and Bob lived up to his more recent reputation of being gross….. We definitely don’t care to have a copy of the show in the library. (November 30, 2010)


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