America’s Favorite Son, A Hero That’s Needed Today

What kind of a leader was George Washington? He was a fearless leader in battle who led a rag-tag band of farmers to defeat the finest army in the world. Capture a picture of him in front of his troops, between the battle lines on his white horse, with his sword raised calling, “Come on … it’s a fine fox chase, my boys!”

Take time to watch a video clip entitled,George Washington: American Revolutionary.

Click on this link:

However, like all secular revisions today, the effect of his faith on his leadership is never mentioned. How could a leader be so fearless in battle without a strong reliance on “Divine Providence,” which he always gave the credit in his writings?

Here’s a great little acrostic from the video clip that was written during the Revolutionary War.

By a Young Lady

W itness, ye fans of tyranny’s black womb,
A nd see his Excellence victorious come!
S erene, majestic, see he gains the field!
H is heart is tender, while his arms are steeled
I ntent on virtue, and her cause so fair,
N ow treats his captive with a parent’s care
G reatness of soul his every action flows
T his virtue from celestial bounty flows.
O ur George, by heaven, destined to command
N ow strikes the British yoke with prosperous band.


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