Kate Middleton, America Connects

The United States enjoys a closer relationship to Great Britain than probably any nation that has fought off its colonial master. The ancestors of many Americans left their British homeland to pursue freedom, fame and fortune, not afforded them in the land of their birth. As a result, individualism defined America from its beginning and caused her to flourish. In Great Britain, being born into the “right family” had more to do with one’s success than personal achievement which, on the other hand, was paramount in this new land of the individual.
Kate Middleton, the bride-to-be of Prince William, was not born into the privileged gentry but through the enterprising efforts of her parents was afforded an opportunity to attend the same school as the future monarch. Their eight year romance culminates with their wedding on April 29, 2011. This rags-to-riches story is virtually unprecedented in their country. No doubt, this adds to the anticipation of that day when every young girl’s dream is realized in a commoner’s long walk down the aisle of Westminster Abbey to become a real princess. Speculation is that Queen Elizabeth will bestow the title of “Princess Catherine” on her grandson’s bride after they marry.

Genealogy reveals many secrets. Kate Middleton is actually related to George Washington, so is Prince William. In fact, a host of American presidents are related to the British monarchy. Check out this list:

  • George Washington (descendant of Edward III of England)
  • Thomas Jefferson (descendant of Edward III of England)
  • James Madison (descendant of Edward I of England)
  • James Monroe (descendant of Edward III of England)
  • John Quincy Adams (descendant of Edward III of England)
  • William Henry Harrison and his grandson, Benjamin Harrison (descendants of Edward I of England)
  • Zachary Taylor (descendant of Edward I of England)
  • Franklin Pierce (descendant of Henry I of England)
  • Rutherford Hayes (descendant of William I of Scotland and William the Conqueror)
  • Grover Cleveland (descendant of Edward I of England)
  • Theodore Roosevelt (descendant of James I of Scotland and Edward III of England)
  • William Taft (descendant of Edward III of England)
  • Warren Harding (descendant of Henry II of England)
  • Calvin Coolidge (descendant of Edward I of England)
  • Herbert Hoover (descendant of Edward III of England)
  • Franklin Roosevelt (descendant of James II of Scotland)
  • Harry S. Truman (descendant of Robert III of Scotland)
  • Richard Nixon (descendant of Henry II of England)
  • Gerald Ford (descendant of Edward I of England)
  • Jimmy Carter (descendant of Henry II of England)
  • George H. W. Bush and his son, George W. Bush (descendants of Edward I of England and Robert II of Scotland)
  • Barack Obama (descendant of Edward I of England and William the Lion of Scotland)
“A people…who are possessed of the spirit of commerce, who see and
who will pursue their advantages may achieve almost anything.”
George Washington

One thought on “Kate Middleton, America Connects

  1. Believe it or not, Mark Alan Wilson, a hero from Texas was responsible for giving his life saving others was the extremely distant cousin of Kate Middleton!
    Edmund Sutton!
    Edmund SUTTON
    Thomas DUDLEY-(Siblings)-Dorothy Sutton
    Richard DUDLEY-(1st Cousin)-Walter Wrottesley
    John DUDLEY-(2nd Cousin)-Elizabeth Wrottesley
    Robert DUDLEY-(3rd Cousin)-John Talbot
    Robert DUDLEY-(4th Cousin)-Sherrington Talbot
    Edward Dudley-(5th Cousin)-Sherrington Talbot II
    Richard Dudley-(6th Cousin)-Elizabeth Talbot
    Ambrose Dudley-(7th Cousin)-William Davenport
    Ambrose Dudley II-(8th Cousin)-William Davenport II
    Dorcas Dudley-(9th Cousin)-Sarah Davenport
    Turner Rountree-(10th Cousin)-Elizabeth Davenport Ashford
    Mary Rountree-(11th Cousin)-Christiana Maria Hobbes
    Woodson Blassingame-(12th Cousin)-Harriet Albina Davis
    Jane Caroline Blassingame-(13th Cousin)-Olive Christiana Lupton
    Roland Richard Dillard-(14th Cousin)-Peter Francis Middleton
    Ruby Louree Dillard-(15th Cousin)-Michael Francis Middleton
    Durl Edward Wilson-(16th Cousin)-Catherine Elizabeth “Kate” Middleton
    Mark Alan Wilson-(16th Cousin once removed)-Catherine Elizabeth “Kate” Middleton

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