How to Grow Beautiful Lavender

America’s Provence

“Having fallen in love with the lavender fields of France, I was pleasantly surprised when traveling recently through Sequim, Washington on the Olympic Peninsula…  There seemed to me an almost mystical connection between those fields where the Olympic Mountains roll down to the ocean and the foothills of the southern Alps as they slope gently to the Mediterranean Sea.” ~  Claire Murray, Editor, La Vie Claire

Each year, on Washington Lavender Farm, we continue to add new plants and products in our venture with this marvelous herb. Washington Lavender has become an exciting addition to the Sequim-Dungeness Valley lavender farms, an area known as “America’s Provence”.

Adding lavender to your garden should be a fun and rewarding adventure too! There are many informative books about lavender available in the marketplace, and we strongly recommend that you spend some time learning all about this beautiful and versatile plant.

A white paper, compiled by the farmers who belong to the Sequim Lavender Farmers Association, will provide the homeowner with some helpful guidelines for growing healthy, long lasting lavenders. Submit your name and email address for this free white paper on growing beautiful lavender*:

*The free download will be emailed to you within 24 hours.


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